The TDX goes to the Hemmings Concours

Because it hasn't run since 1968, it had to be helped on to the trailer for the trip.  Pushing, pulling, and prying got it on.
On the trailer and ready to go the Concours

Installing the plastic rear window adds some streamling.
A brief stop for coffee on the way.

Some great examples of 1950's fiberglass sports cars.
"A broad smile on a sunny day means a happy car"

The TDX certainly was in good company.
Interest in the interior structure was strong.
Explaining the frameless construction of the TDX.
More studying the interior framework of the TDX

Plenty of picture takers
The TDX at the end of the day,  waiting for it's ride home.
Merrill Powell of Victress, one of the pioneers of Fiberglass Sports Cars in the 1950's.  
Merrill and  Pat, two Fiberglass Car builders , about  half a century after the begining

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